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Love Traveling? Then why not keep an online travel journal of your Journey´s?

For past, present and future travels. This site includes stories, pictures and dairy entries for several journeys.
Maybe you gathering helpful tips or information in a similar adventure.

This is a site for people who love to explore the world around them. Find travel buddies, record travel experiences in travel blogs, or share travel tips with travel reviews.

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Spain Roadtrip South Europe 2011 Spain Days 1935 VisitsScheduled2011-11-20
Dominican Republic Around the Republica Dominicana Dominican Republic Days 4993 VisitsAlmost Complete2010-12-07
Brazil Urban Brazil 2009 Brazil Days 4832 VisitsAlmost Complete2010-11-29
Canada Yukon/Alaska 2009 Canada Days 8264 VisitsAlmost Complete2009-09-21
Cuba Mit dem Rucksack durch Kuba 2009 Cuba Days 8273 VisitsAlmost Complete2009-02-04
Peru Peruanisches Andenhochland 2008 Peru Days 9010 VisitsAlmost Complete2008-08-25
Thailand South-East Thailand 2007 Thailand Days 8402 VisitsAlmost Complete2009-02-07
Indonesia Bali - Lombok 2000 Indonesia Days 9138 VisitsAlmost Complete2000-08-31
Dominican Republic Hispanola Parte Dos Dominican Republic Days 3180 VisitsScheduled2011-08-19