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Avoiding Snowboard Injuries
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A survey of snowboarding injuries was conducted over 10 seasons (1988 to 1998). A questionnaire evaluating 20 variables was used to collect data from 47 medical facilities near Colorado ski resorts. A total of 7430 snowboarding-related injuries were seen. A control group consisted of 3107 noninjured snowboarders. Most of those injured were 30 years of age or younger; 74% of injuries occurred in men and 26% in women; 39% of injured snowboarders were beginners and 61% were intermediate or experts. Men rode at more advanced levels than women. Injured snowboarders were more likely than noninjured snowboarders to be beginners. There were 3645 (49.06% of total) upper extremity injuries; 56.43% were fractures, 26.78% sprains, and 9.66% dislocations. The most common site of injury was the wrist (21.6% of all snowboarding injuries). Wrist fractures (except to the scaphoid) and sprains were more common in beginners, women, and younger age groups. Intermediate and expert men were more likely to sustain hand, elbow, and shoulder injuries, as well as more severe injuries. Falling was the predominant mechanism of upper extremity injuries. Snowboarders who wore protective wrist guards were half as likely to sustain wrist injuries as those who did not wear guards.
Source: Upper extremity snowboarding injuries : Ten-year results from the Colorado Snowboard Injury Survey. Author: IDZIKOWSKI Jan R.; JANES Peter C.; ABBOTT Paul J.;

Snowboarding has become a popular sport for both sexes and injuries are certainly a concern with both guys and gals but girls are more prone to some injuries simply because of their build and size. So check out these tips on how to avoid girls snowboard injuries. After all isn't the object to have plenty of safe fun?

1. Get Fit: The more fit you are the less likely you are to hurt yourself. Leg strength is really helpful in improving your stability and thus preventing injury. It's always a good idea to get involved in conditioning program before the season starts.

2. Guard It: It's a common occurrence to wipe out and it's also a common occurrence to brace your fall with your hands and you know what that can lead to - wrist injuries. So instead wear wrist guards which will reduce your wrist injuries substantially.

3. Warm It Up: Not only do you need to warm up before you hit the slopes you also need to cool down after you're done for the day. Take five before you head up the slope to stretch and prepare your body for that grueling and exhilarating run.

4. Protect Your Noggin: Only fools snowboard without a helmet on their head. Your helmet can protect you from major head injuries and minor ones too like minor concussions. It's a given that you will wipe out at some point and so be prepared and protect your noggin.

5. Clothing: Your clothing is very important for it's what will keep you warm and dry, and comfortable so that you can stay out and play longer. You need to wear water resistant clothing which gives you room to move. Boarding is all about flips and tricks and your clothing has to be able to let you move freely. You gloves should come up under your jackets wrist guards and you need to wear a hat and scarf too.

6. Boots and Bindings: Your boots must be fitted to your foot properly to ensure a safe run. The best bindings are the multi mode release bindings. Test your bindings every time before you head out for the day. Step in and twist to make sure the release correctly.

7. The Board: Choose the right board for your skill level and the type of boarding you will be doing. If you aren't sure rent a board the first few times until you find the right one for you. Then you can make a purchase.

8. Girl Power: Live a little - have fun with your friends and enjoy the day. It's all about the girl power so take advantage of it.'

These tips can apply equally to both guys and gals. You don't want your snowboarding fun cut short by an injury do you? Then make sure you follow these girls snowboarding tips for a fun and healthy boarding season.

By: Jamel Hickel (

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