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we ta fuck rock everywhere
Name Christian Beham
Nickname Krusty, AA, FF, SF, Hershel, Krustofksy, Rattenjunge
Living Place Graz und in 2 Koffern
Born 22.04.1913 in Schärding
Marital Status ledig, geschieden Jenna Jameson
Height/Weight 176 cm 75 kg
Fav Meal Asiatisch *sabber*
Fav Drink Leitungswasser
Fav Movie Science Fiction, The Simpsons, Futurama
Fav Music Lagwagon, Bouncing Souls, The Ataris, Less than Jake, Divit
My Sports Mountainbiken, Rennradfahrn, Snowboarden und Sportonanieren
Tattoos a few
My Devices Scott Genius MC30, Burton Fish 160, Atomic Alibi 156, Atomic Hatchet 153, Burton Prime Factory, Santa Cruz MVP 156, ...
Skype Status My status
Profile Visits 13194

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I do whatever i want ...

... or should i say my life, my way everyday´s my day.
I am grown up at my grandparents, best one ever. I had 2 cats, average bad grades in school, i hated tomatoes and loved the farm with the pigs and cows in the neighbourhood.
After school, god spoke to me one day: be a pornstar! Nearly, I thought I am not as stupid as it seems, so I finished technical highschool for computing science. Then I worked at the printing office in the company of my father and there I would be today, would have a house, an expensive car, 2 kids and a wife or 2 wifes and one kid?
BUT 1994 god spoke to me again. He told me: "Buy a Hot Rod Snowboard. Start with Hardboots because Softboots are not invented right now".And any fucking friday I asked myself whats important for my life? Waste my time at the company, which would be mine someday? Nope never noobhead, i dont need an expensive car and i dont want to waste the most expensive thing that i have - my time. I left home for studiing. And, yeah honey that was my life, what a mess of freaky people i met. I studied at the tech university, had always a good payed job beside my study. Since a couple of years i am single again, and its the best time ever. Remember my words: Friends are the most important thing! Boarding and rockin´ the hill again and I can spend a lot of time for that crap. Leaning out the window- Well my friend its sunny again - 10 o´clock, lets rock the mountain and spend a fucking good way of life.

I don't know what will happen, or how anyone will interpret what I have done so far. Things we do in life, our achievements and what we can see are not who we are. Whatever i am krusty the clown and at the end my friend let me tell you one important thing. stay cool, rock hard and do whatever you want.

Arlberg with finest Weather 2011-12-03 Arlberg with finest Weather
Awesome Panorama

Lürzeralm 2011-12-03 Lürzeralm
Always a bit of Feeling Home at the Lürzer. A Good day "beginns" with a Bottle of Vodka and some Girls ;)

Foto: JueLiSan

Obertauern Again! 2011-12-03 Obertauern Again!
More than half a meter of freshest Pow for our Pleasure. U will meet always some friends up there...

Roadtrip Europe South I 2011-11-20 Roadtrip Europe South I
Today, the 24th of December 2011, i deciced to start the Roadtrip to Nowhere.
I packed the car, and maybe you know, its a fucking huge vehicel, and drove ahead to West.

The Journey should go to Spain, within Destinations of Monaco, South France Region and down to Spain and maybe ends at the Sierra Nevada.

I will sleep in the prepared Car (Bed, and some other Stuff) with the Fully MTB and my Atomic Wide Alibi Snowboard.

So on, Merry Christmas to everbody i know and dont know...

I will keep writing... ... Read more in the Diary Section >>> Roadtrip South Europe 2011!

Roadtrip to Sierra Nevada 2011-10-19 Roadtrip to Sierra Nevada

the plans are as followed:
Heading with the Pussywagon at about the 10th of December to Italy, Monaco, Cannes, Marseille, Barcelona, Valencia, Alicante, Almeria and Malaga.

These should take some 10 days or more.

Then the next stay is Granada with the Sierra Nevada Nationalpark for Mountainbiking and some Snowboarding.

For this, the Multivan must be prepaired for Living some 30 days or more in that vehicle.
A Bed, 2 Bikes and the all the Clothes should fit in. As well as an cosy Toilett for doing that what i love to do most.

The Distance is aprox. 2900 km for one Direction.

If everything stays cool i should be back in Graz past New Yearsday