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2012-12-13 patrick
Chief Clancy Wiggum says:

if you don'T care about aching muscles in your right arm (from heavily scraping off the crusted wax layer) you should not hesitate to buy the K2 ECO WAX > it really makes your board fast as light with the help of nano technology! (+ it minimises your carbon footprint!):. p.s.: one could also try to scrape of the wax when it's still warm ;)

2012-12-13 Krusty
I will give them a try buddy. Where did u bought it?

2012-12-14 patrick
GUESS WHERE buddy... @SURF SERVICE GRAZ the best snowboard shop in town ;) stoni the good ol' pal sold it to me *g*

01 December 2012
Author: patrick

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What needs to be done every new season before hitting the POW? Yes, a hot waxing session for the sake of your equipment. This year I tried out a new eco wax by K2 (100% biodegradable and fluorocarbon free...wow). My first impression: a fat minus scrapewise... once melted and dropped onto the board the wax gets really hard. It takes you about double time from the traditional wax and bloody fingers to scrape the crust off. At least it says "fast, durable and green" on the package - I'm curious about its performance in the snow. Yeah, the snow... but where is it?

some details on K2 SNOWBOARDING ECO WAX

on the eco-looking cardboard box (print is done with soy ink!) it says:
the wax treats our planet with respect, using all natural ingredients, renewable energy and recycled, biodegradable packaging. by contrast to traditional hot wax there are no PFCS (perfluorocarbons) used for the wax bar. Thus the greenhouse warming is reduced...

At least I tried a bar > but I don't know if I will go back to the average wax yet. We will see next weekend - hopefully 8)