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2013-05-16 patrick
I had a brilliant firt season with this splitboard. wonderful snow tours and snow kite sessions Oo.

06 January 2013
Author: patrick

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LiB t.rice split pointy REVIEW

A short review on the LiB t.rice split pointy 161.5/KARAKORAM split 30/G3 climbing skins :
The LiB t.rice split pointy 161.5 seems to be a really good pennyworth (I know it's expensive but the whole thing rocks like sh**!)
The KARAKORAM split 30 system is easy to handle and works smoothly during walk mode. In combination with G3 climbing skins (I had to cut them with an in the package included razor blade) the whole setup seems to work brilliantly. The skins can be attached and removed easily like conventional ski climbing skins. Climbing up the snowy path using this split board was as enjoyable as walking up on alpine touring skies. >>> energy efficient and easily floating - no slipping backwards.
The LiB t.rice split pointy can be changed from walk- to ride-mode within 20 seconds - that's a fat extra plus! The KARAKORAM system is really built in a solid and userfriendly way > no loose parts and easy to operate even for dummies. Just open the safety clip, release the bindings > click them in, push down the bindings and press the lever at the side > safety clip down. The whole process 2 times > DONE!
The ride mode is really stiff torsionwise. Thanks to 6 connections between the two parts of the board > nose/tail clips, 2 snap locks between the bindings and nose/tail and the 2 bindings. It's also no big thing to change bindings pos when there's some snow stuck on them! > Haven't had any probs with that...
All in all riding this splitboard feels like riding an "ordinary" LiBtech! snowboard. So it really feels absoloominlutely phat and comfortable! If you have the money > don't hesitate to spend it on that pointy!