Live to Ride
Diese Stretchübungen kannst du dir zu jederzeit und an jedem Ort aus deiner Handtasche zaubern um sie vor und nach jeder Session zur Routine werden zu lassen. Vorher Aufwärmen dann Stretchen! Halte jede Übung zumindestens 30 Sekunden und wiederhole sie mindestens einmal - Nicht wippen!

Harmstring stretch
The hamstring (back of your leg) can be very stiff after a day of snowboarding. This stretch is simple to do: sit down with
your legs straight out in front of you. Reach forward with your hands as far as is comfortable (touch your toes if you can)
and hold the stretch. You will feel this stretch right behind your knees.

Quad Stretch
The Quad Stretch gets those large leg muscles that work so hard while snowboarding. Do this stretch standing up, using a
chair or the wall for balance. Lift one leg behind you and grasp it with your hand. Pull the leg up toward your butt, keeping
your knees even with each other. You'll feel this stretch all the way through the top of your leg. Stretch one leg at a time, then switch.

Hip Stretch
This stretches the hip muscle on the front of your leg, right beneath your hip bone. Stand up and take a step back with one
leg while bending the knee of the other leg. Keep the back leg straight, and bend forward until you can feel the hip
muscle stretch. This is another great muscle to stretch before or after snowboarding.

Calf Stretch
Calf muscles (back of lower leg) can be very stiff after snowboarding, so be sure to stretch them out. You can even leave your
snowboarding boots on. Put your arms on a wall like you're about to get frisked. Place one leg forward and the other leg back.
Shift your weight to the back leg and press against the wall until you feel the stretch in your calf. Switch legs and stretch again.

Abdominal Stretch
This stretch targets your abs (stomach), but also relaxes the lower back which can be very stiff from snowboarding. Lie on the floor
on your belly, with your hands beside you like you're about to do a push-up. Keeping everything relaxed, press up with just your arms.
In yoga, this stretch is known as the "cobra."

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