Live to Ride
Looking for someone special to give you the first lessions on the board or some hints to rock the slope ?

I am on the board since 1992 and teaching snowboarding since 2003.
Either you are a bloody beginner or intermediate boarder its important to learn the essential stuff in appropriate steps.
If you get the proper instructions at the right time you will learn in a amazing steps...
Correcting false habits is as important as the exact gear.

I prefer to teach in private conditions like school classes, private lessions or something similiar in which i feel familial!
A Snugly ambiance is a important matter for my own.
Snowboarding is my passion so i feel free to decide who i teach...

The satisfaction of seeing a student click while having fun is just as, if not more fun, than free riding.
Just kidding, sorry there is nothing beyond freeriding ...

As you maybe now right now, money is not important - rockin is all...
Repeatedly proving, in as many different ways as possible that Gravity really, really works.

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