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Write a Comment to the News Blog Entry 1st SNOWFALL in the Western Alps from patrick
Temperatures are already droppin' to zero and first snowfall has covered the peaks of the Western Alps under white blankets of powder. Soon me and my buddies will be shreddin' the
backcountry with our kites again. I can't wait for our first session the upcoming season! (tongue)
But I guess we'll have to be patient and wait until mid/end of December...

Cherio your BACKCOUNTRYRiDiNG SNOWKiTE CREW :. (devil)

- Patrick [Stmk] > OZONE
- Klausi [NÖ] > OZONE, Flysurfer
- Alex [NÖ] > OZONE, Flysurfer
- Geri [Slzb] > OZONE, Flysurfer
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